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Dr. Glory Alexander, Director ASHA Foundation, Bangalore

Decades ago, an American who had come to India fell ill and was admitted to a hospital in Bangalore. Within 48 hours, his condition deteriorated. Dr. Glory Alexander was by his side when he breathed his last. She didn't know much about the man other than the fact that he died of AIDS. That encounter was the catalyst for the birth of ASHA Foundation, Bangalore a vision and a dream that soon became a reality.

ASHA Foundation, which was established in 1998 by Dr. Glory Alexander and a number of like-minded people, stands for Action, Service and Hope for AIDS. It is a charitable and voluntary Trust helping HIV/AIDS infected people, their families and society. The range of services include: advocacy; capacity building; research; preventive services; awareness; treatment, care, support and rehabilitation of HIV-infected and affected persons with a special focus on women and children.

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