HIV/AIDS Counseling Services
The Adolescent Health Education Project
Care and Support Services for Children at Risk (KNH-CAR)
The Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV Project (PMTCT)
Camp Rainbow - A Program for HIV+ve Children

HIV/AIDS Counseling Services

Launch of AIDS Helpline - Actress Shabana Azmi
ASHA Foundation provides the following counseling services:
  1. Telephone counseling
  2. Responses to e-mail queries
  3. Face-to-face counseling
  4. Awareness Programs with iVolunteers

1. Telephone counseling: The helpline numbers are 23543333 and 23542222, and are manned by trained counselors from 9-5 Monday to Friday.

2. Queries via Email: Our counselers respond to HIV/AIDS-related queries received on our email address

3. Face-to-Face counseling: We provide pre- and post-test counseling, HIV testing, supportive counseling, crisis counseling, counseling for ARV therapy, adherence counseling, counseling for PMTCT, and counseling for families of HIV positive individuals

4. Awareness Programs with iVolunteers: The staff have trained volunteers from software companies who conduct awareness programs for vulnerable communities during their spare time. Over 25,000 people have been reached.

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