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Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV (KNH-PMTCT)

This program was started in 2002 and seeks to incorporate PMTCT services into antenatal services in hospitals. Through this program, hospitals treat and deliver HIV positive pregnant women so that the risk of transmission to the newborn child is reduced. They provide primary prevention care to women, create an enabling environment for the staff of the hospital and decrease stigma and discrimination in the medical setting.

The program includes

- training of PMTCT counselors

- their introduction into the antenatal clinics

- voluntary and free HIV testing for pregnant mothers with pre- and post- test counseling

- primary prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STDs

- family planning measures

- identification of HIV positive pregnant mothers and further counseling for them to make informed choices for themselves and their child

Thus far, 140 nurse-counselors from these hospitals have been trained in HIV/AIDS and PMTCT issues, 1709 doctors and para-medical staff have been sensitized and the counselors in all these institutions have further sensitized 20,000 people in the community including community health workers.

Since 2003, around 1,64,000 pregnant mothers have been tested, 855 found to be HIV positive and treated, and the risk of HIV transmission from mother to child has been reduced from 30% to 2.4% in our cohort.

Nurses trained in HIV/AIDS and PMTCT at ASHA Foundation, Bangalore

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