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Adolescent Health Education Project - Anmol Ashayein

Global statistics revealed that 35% of those infected with HIV/AIDS were in the age group of 15-25 years. To address this concern, ASHA Foundation started the Adolescent Health Education Project in the year 2000.

ASHA Foundation has trained master trainers who, in turn, train teachers at three-day workshops. After the training, each teacher is given a teachers' resource manual to teach the curriculum to students in the age group of 13-15 years. ASHA Foundation has developed its own resource manual titled Anmol Ashayein (Precious Hopes).

Mr. Sunil Dutt (famed actor & politician) inaugurates
the AHE Project
The resource manual consists of thirty-five lessons divided into six units.

The first unit deals with the self and valuing oneself.

The second unit deals with friendships, both virtual and real, and role models from everyday life.

The third unit deals with infatuation and love, marriage, and intimacy.

The fourth unit deals with HIV/AIDS, STDs, alcohol and drug abuse, smoking and pornography.

The fifth unit deals with life skills and behavioral choices.

The sixth unit deals with making mistakes, undoing bad choices and being a contributor to society.

The lessons are interactive, with lots of activities and energizers, and each lesson is followed by a period of peer time. Each unit also has a student workbook and a parent manual. Units one and two are taught in class seven, units three and four in class eight and units five and six in class nine.

So far, ASHA Foundation has trained 2600 teachers. Over 1,00,000 students in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Nagpur and Shimla have been taught the curriculum, with an additional 41,000 currently doing the program.

Anmol Ashayein Program being conducted in a school

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